Did you know?

French was once the official language of England 🙂 We all know how France is the biggest tourist destination in the world but it is also the largest country in EU

Another Fun Fact: It has most number of Nobel Prizes for Literature ever and here we’re thinking it is known only for the french kisses

More about France:

ContinentWestern Europe
Area551,695 sq. km (49th in the world)
Capital CityParis (Situated on the Seine River)
GovernmentFrance follows Semi-Presidential System
Official LanguageFrench
Father of NationSamuel de Champlain
National FlowerIris
National AnimalEuropean Rabbit or Coney
National BirdRed Junglefowl or Gallic rooster
National DishPot-au-Feu
National SportsFootball
Dominant ReligionCatholicism
Population68 million (2023)
Per Capita Income40,964 USD (2022)

Short History:

Picture France as a captivating story, filled with drama, passion, and resilience.

Long, long ago, Celtic tribes roamed the land we now call France. Then came the Romans, led by Julius Caesar, leaving their mark before the rise of the Franks, a Germanic tribe that built a mighty kingdom. Charlemagne, a larger-than-life figure, turned it into a sprawling European empire.

In medieval times, castles dotted the landscape, and the Hundred Years’ War with England shaped the French spirit. Enter the Renaissance, a time of cultural blossoming that painted France with art, literature, and scientific marvels.

The 17th century ushered in the era of absolute monarchy, with the flamboyant Louis XIV at the helm. Versailles became the epitome of royal grandeur.

Then, the storming of the Bastille in 1789 unleashed the French Revolution. The people rose against inequality, and in the chaos, the guillotine fell. The spirit of liberty echoed through the air, giving birth to the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen.

Napoleon, a pint-sized dynamo, seized power and conquered much of Europe, only to meet his Waterloo. The 19th century brought industrialization and the birth of republics, while the 20th century witnessed the horrors of two world wars.

Occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II, France resisted. The French Resistance and the Allies finally freed the country. Post-war, France rebuilt and bid farewell to its colonies in Africa and Asia.

Fast forward to today, and France stands as a proud member of the European Union, contributing to a shared future. Its story is one of art, exquisite cuisine, and global influence. France, a nation with a rich past and a vibrant present, continues to shape the world with its joie de vivre.