Did you know?

The Danish language has no word for “please” and has one of the oldest national flag in the world.

Known for its nordic history and amazing food, you will find more bikes on the road than the cars and probably that’s the reason why they are one of the most happiest country in the world

More about Denmark:

ContinentNorthern Europe
Area43,094 sq. km (134th in the world)
Denmark CapitalCopenhagen (located on the eastern coast of the island of Zealand)
GovernmentDenmark is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy
Official LanguageDanish
Father of NationChristian IV
CurrencyDanish Krone
National FlowerMarguerite Daisy
National AnimalMute Swan
National BirdMute Swan
National DishStegt Flæsk
National SportsFootball
Dominant ReligionChristianity
Population5.935 million (2023)
Per Capita Income67,743 USD (2022)

Short History:

Denmark’s history is a tale of Vikings, monarchies, and modern prosperity. In the Viking Age, Danish seafarers and warriors, such as Canute the Great, ruled the region. Over time, Denmark became a kingdom with its own royalty.

In the 16th century, Denmark and Norway formed a union, but they went their separate ways in 1905. Denmark then became a constitutional monarchy. During World War II, Denmark faced German occupation but resisted and managed to save many Jews.

Post-war, Denmark evolved into a welfare state, prioritizing education, healthcare, and social welfare. The country embraced renewable energy initiatives and gained a reputation for happiness and the concept of “hygge.” Today, Denmark is a modern European nation with a rich cultural heritage.