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Dive into your curiosity loop with this Random Country Generator, your virtual gateway to the unknown land. So Whether you’re an armchair traveler, a geography buff, or just someone looking to inject a bit of spontaneity into your day:) I wish this tool becomes your passport to a whirlwind tour of the world.

Story Time 🕰:

It was just a typical day at work, you know, the one where you have list of tasks to complete and each task takes forever to tick off. I’m a programmer and I focus on app development for one of the global tech giants. I used to work remote but after COVID, they’ve called us back to office. Anyway, so I was going through pile of work when my girlfriend sent me an online game portal and before I knew I was already down the rabbit hole 🤣 The game website had so many games basketball, 2048, etc.

I’ve always wanted to do build something similar but never really had enough time. Whenever I did get some, it was basically consumed by my wannabe entrepreneur friends who used to come up with some crazy B(ullshit)illion dollar ideas and I couldn’t say no but to code for them. So I decided to build something similar just for fun this time for myself. But again, what should to code? 🤔

Why did I build Random Country Generator?

I travel a lot, I’ve been to 19 countries so far and going to new places always excites me. My interests also include philosophy, history, internet, indie projects, startups and investing. I wanted to mix all of these into something to create something. Random Country Generator ticks all such boxes.

I already knew a couple of number generator site and I just randomly searched for this keyword on Google, to my surprise there were already lot of websites do the same shit so I decided I can do this as well and after some research I realised it’s too damn easy. I didn’t code the whole thing, I used what was available in the market with some custom codes everywhere. I made the skeleton in an hour and now it was time for content. As I told you, my idea was to have everything about a country on a single page so that people can have fun while learning at the same time.

So I decided to put up basic information, fun facts, basic short history, famous personalities, current state, tourists attraction, etc. This is still a work in progress, I work on it whenever I can manage time and I know you might now find everything I’ve mentioned above yet but bookmark it and do visit regularly, eventually I will add all of it 😃

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Random Countries:

Dominican Republic
United Kingdom
United States
El Salvador

Note: I’ve used multiple sources to get the information on each countries. The sources varies from wikipedia, travel blogs to simple google searches.